Mannequin madness or how I designed my first mannequin

Being a designer or a fashion artist is quite an uneasy job. A designer has to create things from nothingness and not only conceive them, but also find means of their realization. I believe that this even requires some spiritual touch, because most of the designers do engage in one or another way of spirituality, and they also travel much, as if to draw more and more inspiration.

Recently I have been given a task to design another collection but this time it wasn’t the cloth. It was a collection of mannequins! As they offered me a lot of money, I just couldn’t resist the opportunity. Yet, soon I realized that I have absolutely no idea on how to achieve that, and even where to start. Then I decided to try an old designer’s trick.

The idea of this trick was to become one with the object of my creation. At first I should start imitation and mirroring, and then see what I experience and what characteristics become important. I know, this is not what they usually teach in you in schools. This is more like occult or shamanistic approach, or a dance with a tambourine, if you wish…

So, having left with no other choice, I went to a mall and started imitating the mannequins. In the beginning it was very difficult, because the good mannequin should never move, at any circumstances! I even switched off the mobile in order to not get disturbed. At first, the customers thought that I was a designer, and tried asking for advice about the clothes.

Later, as I’ve been mastering my art, they didn’t ask questions anymore, and some of them really started treating me as a mannequin. I have spent like whole day doing nothing but this, but when I got home my head exploded with different thoughts and ideas regarding the mannequins. I didn’t even take any substances to find out that I was having insight after insight.

Then I opened my AutoCAD and started drawing and drawing. At times, the model seemed like the Venus herself, at times it looked like a piece of bedraggled shit. Balancing the looks and the ergonomics of my future mannequin was nothing easy, but after 3 days, I’ve finally made my first mannequin model. It looked quite realistic and my boss liked it too.

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