Mannequin dummies for sale

Mannequin Mall offers exclusive mannequin dummies for sale – now available online. In our shop you can find a huge variety of different mannequins, including but not limited to realistic, abstract, economy, headless and even sexy models. We offer both female and male genders and if you wish, you could also have a glance on our teen and child mannequins.

In addition to that, you will find all the necessary tools to make the dummies look even more fantastic. Our store offers a large variety of wigs, which you could apply directly on head of your dummies. These wigs don’t require any glue as they have some special self-adhesive straps. You can also choose both, male and female wigs of different colors and texture.

The price range is also quite versatile and will satisfy almost any consumer! How much is your budget? Fifty dollars, a hundred dollars or maybe two hundred and fifty dollars? No matter what your budget is, you will not leave our shop empty-handed. If you don’t know which model you should choose our staff will help you with that. They can even do so as you’re shopping online, through chat.

Here are some advantages of our dummies that competitors don’t have:

  • All our mannequins are of high quality rubber plastic. Even if you put them into a washing machine part by part, the plastic won’t lose its paint and it won’t even get scratched. Likewise you could even use them to hammer a nail – indeed we we’ve got some steel mannequins too. So even if you prefer these terminator-looking models, here you could be completely satisfied with your choice.
  • Our site offers a hustle-free shopping experience. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge or anything of that sort. Just click on whatever mannequin you liked, and then you will be taken to the checkout page. All payment methods are accepted. Pay us by cash, PayPal or credit cards. We won’t disdain any of these methods, as long as they are money…
  • How often did you see these ridiculous prices from other shops, offering mannequins for like $500? On our site, you will see none of them! The best, sexy and realistic models with full accessories will never cost you more than $200 and something. Where else would you buy?