9 Appliances Every Modern Kitchen Should Have

Cooking is nowadays a form of art rather than a routine household chore. With most electronic kitchen appliances boasting elaborate functions, kitchens are a warehouse of beauty and luxury. However, in addition to all the functional benefits that we like to invest in, some kitchen appliances are masterpieces especially made to save our energy and time. Here are 9 appliances that every modern kitchen must have.


If you love smoothies, you have to get a blender on your kitchen countertop right away. Not just perfect for frozen margaritas, blenders are powerful machines that reduce whole vegetables to nutritious soup, whole fruits to tasty smoothies, and can turn ice into soft snow for delicious, syrupy cones.

Coffee maker

This really depends on your lifestyle. If you like to drink lots of coffee regularly, it’s wise to invest in a drip maker. Set your coffee maker at night and get up to freshly ground and brewed drip coffee.

When buying a coffee maker, choose one with simple cleaning features, as well as inclusions like a water filter, manual water control and steam wand. If you’re ready to spend more, you can buy one that grinds the beans as well.

Food processor

An electronic appliance that works like a blender. It has multiple attachments and blades that let you do various things such as grating, shredding, mincing, chopping and so on. And unlike regular mixers, it doesn’t need any fluid to process food. A larger-capacity food processor (12 or more cups) is really useful for a family, or if you want to double your recipe.

When buying a food processor, consider the size and number of blades, as well as the appliance’s material such as metal, plastic or porcelain. Extra accessories, whether useful or not, are available for free. The food processor should be simple to maintain and clean. The best machine to buy is one with a wide-feeding tube and lids, as well as versatile blades.

Electric mixer

An electric mixer comes in two options: a hand mixer and a stand mixer. If you’re an avid baker who bakes a lot, you should probably go for a stand mixer. It’ll make your work so much easier.

If you’re not much of a baker, you can do just fine with a hand mixer. Use it for the odd mixing task, such as beating egg whites, getting a pounding for a smooth cake, or making whipped cream.


An electronic appliance that helps to extract juice from a variety of fruits, leafy greens, vegetables and herbs in a simple way.  When buying, look for one that’s easy to operate. The appliance should also be easy to clean and durable. Consider the storage and power usage as well.

Rice cooker

While a rice cooker is for cooking rice, it has several other uses such as making pasta, steaming, preparing quinoa, etc. So, although you can choose one that cooks rice only, it’s best to buy a multitasking one. Consider the durability factor as a good rice cooker will last more than 10 years.

Electric kettle

This is one deceptively essential small appliance used for boiling water fast. You might think it’s not necessary till you buy one, and then realize that you’re using it frequently, probably more than any other kitchen appliance. It boils water 10 ten times faster than a stove and is more energy-efficient as well.  If you drink a generous amount of tea or coffee, it’s a game-changer. It’s an amazing appliance to have.

Toaster oven

If there’s more than enough space on your kitchen countertop, a good toaster oven is much more than just a luxury. It provides so much versatility beyond simply making toast and reheating food. Completely preheated in around five minutes, a toaster oven can bake cakes, cookies, pies and pizza without heating up your whole kitchen. And it offers extra cooking space on many a perfect occasion you’re entertaining.

Soda maker

If you’re embracing a green life and are trying to cut down on sodium and sugar, then you have to get a soda maker. This appliance fits the bill, churning out fresh home-made flavored sodas with much less additives than mass-produced products. Non-electric, this appliance uses reusable carbon dioxide canisters to make fizzy beverage.