All about Ionic Hair Dryers, How they Work and What to Look for

Shiny healthy looking hair is essential for making you look and feel good.  A good style and maintenance can even make you look younger than your years so using a good new generation ionic hairdryer will give you the edge.

What can the benefits be of using this new technology?


  • They can dry your hair twice as fast as your old hairdryer
  • They will ultimately use less energy to dry you hair


  • They will help to keep your hair healthy and look a lot more shiny
  • Less split ends and broken hair
  • They are a lot quieter than the old school hairdryers
  • Some claim to protect your hair from UV rays of the sun
  • As they produce more negative (feel good ions) ions they can actually make you feel better as opposed to traditional dryers which produce more positive (not so good) ions
  • Negatively charged ions combat the positively charged ions in your hair making it a neutral process, this means no “static” no more flyaway hair

How do they work?

10570052-1323100265-901711Firstly what is tourmaline?

Tourmaline is a crystal boron silicate material that emits negative ions, therefore neutralizing positive ions.  Tourmaline is crushed into a fine powder and baked into ceramic plates.

Beware of plates coated with ceramic tourmaline; look for the real thing, baked ceramic! 

Oh and what is ceramic?

Ceramic is a composite material usually made of clay; the benefit of ceramic material is that it heats up quickly giving infrared heat. It is an ideal material for use in hairdryers, used in the body, the heating element and coating inside the hairdryer.


l_Fuzzy_Dot_Hair_Dryer_by_Ultra_CHI_133411112155And by the way the terms used in these hairdryers are ionic, Nano ionic and tourmaline ionic are all meaning the same thing; ionic!

  • These new hairdryers suck up millions of molecules from the air then the ionic technology inside the hairdryer “ionizes” them creating a negative charge.
  • This all happens at a very high level of voltage, hot air blows the negative ions out into your hair.
  • When these ions hit your wet hair they split up the hydrogen bonds in the water droplets on your hair
  • The water droplets shrink again and again allowing your hair to dry very quickly
  • This makes the hair more porous causing more moisture to penetrate your hair creating the shine, the surface of your hair looks healthier
  • Overall this will give you quicker, gentler hair drying and a little extra care

What to look for when shopping for a new Ionic hairdryer

  • accessories-hair-dryerLook for overheating mechanism so it will switch off if it does get too hot or if you manage to get your hair caught in the dryer
  • Look for easy handling
  • Look for an ergonomic design with easy to reach on off switches
  • Check the weight, make sure it is easy on the wrist
  • Look for one with a removable air filter
  • Look at the wattage, a high powered ionic hairdryer is very high indeed

Are there any disadvantages of using an ionic hairdryer?

Hair-Dryer-TVPC-2514-Well yes actually, if you want volume!  An ionic dryer dries your hair so quickly it may end up flat and the worst thing you can do is over dry your hair.  Once it is dry you should down tools and stop.

There is a solution though.

You can also go for an ionic curling iron for volume or straightening irons also now come with ionic technology.

You could also try using a good natural bristle brush instead of an ionic hairbrush, which may help.

The rule of thumb, do not over dry your hair still applies, there will be no static created by using an ionic hairdryer but that does not mean you can carry on styling, no, no.  If you feel it has dried too quickly, consider turning the setting down or dampen the hair to create the style you want.

There are some amazing deals out there I wish I knew this before I went shopping!