Baby Strollers Age 6 months and Beyond

$(KGrHqVHJC8FFk8m2w0pBSQFuYEYfg--_32There are three choices or three methods of carrying your baby for the first 6 months. You could use a bassinet, a fully reclined seat or a car seat adapter.

One of the best and most popular choices is to start out strolling with the car seat, so you may like a car seat adapter or you may prefer a car seat frame.

As time progresses and when you are ready to decide you can look for something longer term from the age of 6 months.  Perhaps you will start driving more than you thought with your little one, or perhaps you will drive less than you thought.  These are all considerations to think about when you choose.

You can continue to use a car seat frame for the first year although you will probably be looking sooner than that for a longer term solution.

Reasons for using car seat as a stroller in the beginning

  • 61-9qfE8GxL._SL1000_It is a safe and comfortable way of transporting your baby for at least 6 months to one year
  • Moving your baby from driving to stroller is a lot easier and quicker
  • If your baby falls asleep while driving or strolling you can move them without waking them
  • Car seat frames are lighter than standard size strollers with car seat adapters
  • They are also more compact
  • They are easier to get in and out of the car
  • Bassinets are available for some products


Do not leave your baby in a car seat for a length of time or unattended.  If it is bed time place your baby in a crib or cot for solitary sleeping.

The luxury of a bassinet

baby-strollers-10A bassinet is a luxury for the first 3 months when you can get out with your new baby and get some fresh air. Babies can sleep in a crib or cot from day one, so there is no need for the bassinet unless you want to keep him or her close by during the night.  After 3 months your baby will start to be a lot more mobile and bassinets do not have a harness.

If you are budgeting then consider just using the car seat which will work just as well as a bassinet.  A lot depends on your family planning, if you like the idea of having a bassinet then it should last for a few newborns, perhaps there is one in your family already, just make sure it is all safe and clean before your new baby comes along.

Safety reminders

Buying-Baby-Strollers-Things-To-ConsiderWhen it comes to cot deaths, bassinets have the same safety precautions as cribs and cots. Accidents are caused by blankets, loose pillows, plastic bags or stuffed animals.

The sides of a bassinet also pose a risk as baby can end up with his face pressed against the side and can pose a risk of suffocation, so you do need to keep an eye on them.

Look to the future

$(KGrHqVHJC8FFk8m2w0pBSQFuYEYfg--_32It is not always easy to know how you will feel in the future, maybe you haven’t yet decided on day care, will you go back to work or will you stay at home?

One thing is for sure you will be out strolling with your toddler and there is no hurry as your baby is not yet a toddler at just six months.

Your outings will become more like expeditions as you still need to carry a changing bag for him or her and you need your own personal possessions as well.

If your budget and space allows you may wish to have a lightweight umbrella stroller for its sheer portability and a standard size stroller for long walks in your neighbourhood.

Not forgetting that your baby is going to grow, yes it can get harder to maneuver, with more equipment, toys, snacks etc. all adding to the weight you are pushing.

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_644579_i0Test driving

If you think of the average weight of 25 lbs. when you test drive a stroller, that will account for baby and changing bag and will also give you a better idea of how a stroller will behave.

Ground rules

c63f4f1338d9b154a4cbb4d1db09a59bYes, the terrain is important, if you think you are going to be sticking to fairly easy paved areas, nice and flat and smooth then there is no need to worry.  If you are thinking about snow, gravel or grass you will need to think about a stroller with bigger wheels.

So there we have it, some more safety tips, considerations regarding test driving, consider the terrain, think about your comfort and safety as well.