What is the best Instagram Bot of 2018?

With the large number of users on social media platforms, they have become places where companies launch marketing campaigns to promote their brand or offer their services.

Common traits of thought are that companies must pay marketing companies to do this or buy followers to boost their accounts following. While this may be true, buying followers is indeed not the best way to grow your account. Instagram relies on engagement in order to grow your account, if you buy fake people you will have zero engagement with them.

A solution to this is Instagram automation services which are used by online markets and even regular users to gain more followers on their account.

How do they work?

The basic features of any top Instagram Bot will involve liking and comment on posts, following, and unfollowing users.  These are actions that people will do manually in hopes of a follow back. However, with this time-consuming method, a follow back is not guaranteed.

An Instagram Bot will allow you to do these actions to gain followers while on autopilot.

These Bots can spend their day engaging with hundreds of accounts. The more engagement activity the more users increase their chance of being seen. This is why using a Bot which will result in users seeing a rise in their following from people who have responded to their engagement.

Something that might take you all day to do manually can be done with a Bot. Therefore, it is a time-efficient tool as Instagram Bots are quick and effective.

They are specific at targeting your selected audience

These Bots will not just interact with every random account. You can adjust the setting to target specific niches that are relevant to their account. These relevant users are targeted with the use of hashtags. You can programme the Bot with hashtags you think are relevant to your target audience.

There is still an aftershock of the 2017 crackdowns

Towards the end of 2017 Instagram cracked down on Bots. This s because Instagram states that the automated Bots are against its terms of service. This resulted in a number of them such as the market forerunner Instabot being shut down. After this, another crackdown led to popular bot Mass Planner being shut down. With these leading Bots being shut down. It has probed pro-bot users to look for a safe alternative.

A recommended safe choice

A safe alternative which survived the Instagram crackdown is FollowAdder. It is just as effective and reliable as Instabot or Mass Planner. For these reasons, Follow Adder has become the leading Bot on the market.

This easy to use automated service has many great features and enables users to bulk upload and schedule posts in advance. FollowAdder is highly customizable as it allows users to create lists with users to follow and unfollow.

If you wish to use an automated service to grow your Instagram account Best Instagram Bot – Reviews & Buyers Guide (2018) recommends using Follow Adder. It has the highest ratings and the most success.