Category: Personal Care

Mar 23

What You Are Not Responsible For As A Parent

There is a common trend where most couples want to be perfect parents in this imperfect world. Different people will always have different ideas on how to raise your kids responsibly which makes it confusing to parents. The older generation might not understand that there is a generational gap while your age mates might not have […]

May 28

Deciding On a Fresh Drink

Everyone is different. Whilst this may not be too big of a shock for you it is true and it is this reason we have to thank for all of the variation we have in our lives. If you don’t like wearing blue jeans you can go out and get some black ones, if you […]

Mar 24

Outdoor safety tips when exercising

Exercising in the great outdoors is one of life’s great joys. Rather than be stuck in a sweaty gym or at home staring at four concrete walls, you can get fit whilst enjoying the most fabulous views, amidst wildlife as it goes about its daily business. There are significant health advantages, too. We’re not designed […]

Dry Your Hair Like A Pro
Jul 14

Five Dodges To Dry Your Hair Like A Pro

Soft and smooth hair while drying at home? It sounds like a myth or a misconception you only see in commercials, yet it can be done. Everyone knows that the heating products in hair salons represent the biggest secrets behind soft and perfect hairstyles. More is not necessarily better in this industry though. Excessive heat […]