Category: Sports

Feb 09

Why a Treadmill Might Be Just What You Need

Exercise is one of those important tasks that we humans undoubtedly need to partake in. It is not some major mystery that needs to be unraveled nor is it even debatable. Still, that doesn’t mean that we won’t do our very best to put it off, deny how much of it we need and do […]

Jan 25

Family Fitness

I have always been a little on the chubby side, I love food, there is no escaping that fact. I have always eaten what I like and never really worried about my weight. I have tried going to the gym, I signed up once for a year and only went twice. I found it such […]

Oct 06

Indoor Rowing is the New Spinning, it’s a Fact!

Indoor rowing machines gathering dust in gyms and domestic garages, folded away in the spare room? Not any more apparently. Well maybe it is a bit out of style, not the exercise but the machine with new technological advances in the design perhaps you will want a funky new one with an affixed water tank. […]