Continuous Ink Jet Ink used in various industries

Coding and Marking is an approach to printing information and data on different substrates.
A variety of products in different industries have to be marked and printed on. There are many options when selecting a coding and marking solution:

  • Continuous Ink Jet
  • Laser Marking
  • Case Coding
  • Thermal Transfer printers

A flexible and efficient choice

The continuous ink jet printer are a perfect solution that can be used for date coding, product marking and variable printing onto everyday products. CIJ technology involves a non-contact process that is ideal for marking on both flat and curved surfaces, allowing it to print on almost any substrate including plastic, cardboard, glass, metal, wood and much more. Marking is carried out in accordance to the CIJ principle that involves a non- contact production using quick drying inks.

Coding and marking products are an integral part of many production lines such as:

  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cosmetics
  • Automotive
  • Electronics

Every industry has its unique set of coding and marking challenges that involve a continuous production process and high speed lines, adhering to strict regulations and adapting to a variety of products and packaging. For these reasons the choice of CIJ ink will have a direct impact on your business and is crucial to its success.

The quality of ink used for marking and coding is crucial.  It is important to select an ink that is manufactured to meet ISO 9001 quality standards. When choosing a CIJ ink it must be specific to your industry and its needs. You can purchase CIJ Ink at .

Ink qualities for specific industries

The beverage industry

The beverage is one of the most demanding production environments with high line speeds. It involves expensive filling and packaging equipment. In this demanding environment producers cannot afford unplanned coder machine downtime. It is important to pick an ink that has a fast drying time and is condensation resistant.

Food industries

Food industries have subcategories such as dairy, eggs, baked goods, and meat and poultry products.

Many products in the food industry have a product shelf life and a focus on hygiene which creates pressures on your packaging operations, it is important to pick an ink that is food grade in case of incidental contact with products.

Pharmaceutical industry:

Pharmaceutical and medical device packaging demands the high quality variable coding. The coding must be legible and contrast as due to regulations the product codes must be traceable and have a high read rate barcode. It is important to pick an ink that can fulfill a broad range of serialization ready coding solutions,

Cosmetic Industry

In this industry marking and coding is utilized enhance and protect brands. The package design will makes your product recognizable and helps to differentiate from your competition. Important information such as product codes must be on the package this can also help to stop counterfeiting.

There is such a wide variety of parts in the automotive industry, It is important to have marking and coding to meet your specifications for reliability, traceability and product integrity purposes.