Five Dodges To Dry Your Hair Like A Pro

Soft and smooth hair while drying at home? It sounds like a myth or a misconception you only see in commercials, yet it can be done. Everyone knows that the heating products in hair salons represent the biggest secrets behind soft and perfect hairstyles. More is not necessarily better in this industry though. Excessive heat can seriously alter the hair and may lead to hair loss as well.

Whether you need a break in using such instruments or you feel lazy today, drying your hair at home can be used in two different ways – hair dryers and pure air. Air drying your hair is time consuming, yet it provides good results. It also prevents a series of risks. On the other hand, hair dryers can be useful if used by the book, so a little education is highly recommended.

The good news is that some tips apply to whichever options you choose. So, what does it take to make the difference?

1. You Will Always Need Products

Fotolia_16268904_XS-OPExactly! You cannot achieve a beautiful look without any products. This process is not all about drying. Using the right products for your hair type is mandatory for a maximum effect. Of course, you need some extra work too. Failing to use extra products is one of the biggest mistakes in drying hair. There are not too many types of hair that can dry naturally and look fabulous. Up to 95% of all people must make some effort. Furthermore, specialists recommend specific products – volume sprays if your hair tends to go flat on the scalp or hydrating creams if the hair is dry. Interested in maintaining your curls? Sea salt is the key.

2. Keep the Argan Oil Nearby

hair-blow-dry-lTrying to maintain a silky and smooth hair? Use argan oil. Apply it on your wet hair from the half toward the tips. This way, you will underline natural curls and stop the frizzy effect. Argan oil is even better when you air dry your hair. Keep in mind that more is not better. If you use too much of it or you get it close to the roots, you will obtain the opposite effect – fat, oily and filthy hair. Argan oil has more benefits over your hair though. It can maintain the clean and invigorating aroma of your hair. Once it dries, you may come up with a bit of dry shampoo at the roots for some extra volume.

3. Give Your Hair Volume in a Natural Way

image-2Braiding hair offers plenty of volume. This is an unwritten rule in the hairstyling world. You can braid your hair, go to sleep, clear it out in the morning, shake your head a few times and use a fixative. When you use the fixative while braiding, chances are you will get a disheveled look, especially if your hair is straight. On the other hand, if you like the wet and sexy style, come up with a volume spray on the wet hair, dishevel it and let it air dry for beautiful results.

4. Try Out the Alternative

StraightenHairIf you are not a fan of braiding hair, come up with a tuft for slight curls and more volume. Use a paper towel to absorb the excessive water after showering, then apply the chosen product and style your hair in a loop of hair. Once the hair dries (it will take more hours), open up the loop and use a comb with rare teeth.

5. Forget about the Towel

tipsforstraighteninghairUsing a towel after washing hair looks perfectly normal, right? Well, this simple thing might be responsible for curling your hair. According to more stylists, a towel should never be part of your hair drying procedures. This is one of the secrets. Due to its thick absorbing fibers, rubbing a towel against the hair will wave it. Instead, opt for a cotton shirt, a pillowcase or a microfiber fabric. Unlike a thick towel, these things have finer textures, so they are less likely to harm fragile wet hair.

In conclusion, drying your hair should not be a challenge, but a simple and routine procedure. Doing it by the book will prevent all the unpleasant situations associated with it. Take your time to implement these techniques and you will love the outcome.