How ID cards can improve morale in your police department

The secret to running a successful, high-performing police department is building morale. When everybody in that department feels like their part of something bigger. When you feel like you’re part of a team, you work harder, take more responsibility and go out of your way for the benefit of the department. B.W. Gocke, M.A, tells us in his seminal article Morale in a Police Department that good morale “is the state of mind and the will-power to get the most from the equipment available, to perform a job with the greatest effect”.Police departments with good morale show better performance with better results than departments with low morale. So how can you go about improving teamwork and raising morale in your department?

The distribution of personalized identification cards in your department is a simple, but effective, way to build team morale. Having an ID card unites your employees to a common goal which is psychologically proven to improve teamwork. It’s the reason why members of a police department wear uniform. Distributing ID cards in your department, is a cost effective short-cut to improving morale and uniting your workforce. It’s also a cost effective investment because strong morale in the department increases productivity; officers will take less sick days, show increased job commitment and work harder when on shift.

Making personnel feel safe and secure in the workplace is essential to a happy work-force. This simple fact is especially true in a police department where officers will be risking their lives on a daily basis for the badge. Having an internal ID card enhances security but also makes officers feel safer. Feeling safe in the workplace is a contributing factor in good team morale and high individual performance. Modern day ID cards have a surprisingly advanced range of security features including magnetic strips, anti-counterfeiting marks and holograms. All of these features have practical usage, keeping an electronic register of who is in the department at any given time, or providing access to certain areas. It may sound expensive but if you can find the right supplier, you can get all this for a relatively cheap amount.

Individual departments have their own, unique set of codes and values. Giving officers a physical symbol of the departments individuality will unite the department. ID cards can be customized allowing you to put your own, individual stamp on it. Furthermore, superior offices can have their signature adorning the card, building closer ties between the chain of command. Closer ties mean better communication and, as you know, communication is the single most valuable tool in a police department’s armory.

One of the most important roles for a police department is to build a strong relationship with members of the public. Strong relationships built on trust will increase cooperation as well as calm frightened victims. ID cards provide a face to a name helping to build that trust. They can also be scanned and added to email chains, when face to face contact is not necessary or possible. Help give your department a public face by choosing a unique, custom designed idea card for your department.

Now I know what you’re thinking, personalized ID cards sound great, but working in a police department is time-consuming and graphic design is not part of the job description. I’d reply that providing department ID cards is easier than you think. There is some surprising stuff available on line. Here, we offer ID’s specifically designed for police departments. You can select a set-design to take the hassle out of ordering ID’s, or you can design your own. At the same time, you can choose a range of features, like door locking, clocking in and out as well as additional security features.

Taking the first step to improving your department will always feel like a leap into the unknown. Our team will walk you through every step of the process. We have been providing ID cards to civil services for over a decade which means we know how to get it right. We offer the latest technologies available in modern identification cards, making sure you are kept up to date. Our service is quick, easy and hassle free allowing you to get on with your job of helping the public.

Other than the uniform, individual ID cards are the fastest, most effective way to build a strong sense of belonging in your department. Officers that feel valued will always perform higher than those that don’t. In order to produce our badges for you we require written authorization. This needs to be produced on headed department paper with the permission of a senior authority in the department. This can be a department chief, mayor or other legitimate authority. Once we have received authorization we will get to work straight away on your custom security ID card. Take the first step to improve the morale, and performance, in your department by ordering today.