Indoor Rowing is the New Spinning, it’s a Fact!

Indoor rowing machines gathering dust in gyms and domestic garages, folded away in the spare room?

Not any more apparently.

Well maybe it is a bit out of style, not the exercise but the machine with new technological advances in the design perhaps you will want a funky new one with an affixed water tank.

The similarities between spinning and rowing

37_3Both indoor rowing and spinning are mimicking an outdoor exercise, that is the fundamental similarity

With high energy instructors and even more high energy music to pump the heart, the peer pressure to get good, sweaty and fit not to mention sore, both can make that claim

For body beautiful rowing is in a league of its own. A 50 minute class will burn up over a 1000 calories and twice as much as spinning.  Every complete stroke works the calves, thighs (back and front), chest, abdominals, arms, upper and mid back.

Working at this rate with every muscle group included, nothing is left out including the heart muscle. The rhythm also needs to be developed, much more so than in spinning.

Prepare to be addicted!

Also prepare to perfect your posture. Hurtling up and down for 10 minutes will just wear you out and make you ache all over, sitting properly is essential.  Warming up is also very important, as you will be doing a total body work out, a quick jog or some easy rowing is good.

Here are some Solo workouts for you

Warming up; Single Hand

120226-98039-120224-health-02.blocks_desktop_largeTo avoid pulling too soon (a common mistake), try a warm up

  • Hold the center of the handle with one hand and row!
  • Then you can get the feel of how important the legs and firm back are to your drive phase, the second phase of 4
  • Do 10 strokes with each hand as a warm up

Beginner; Tempo Row

hamilton_s_rose_jacobs_95_at_the_indoor_rowing_ven_1336428476Each modern machine will display your speed, distance and average time over 500 meters

  • Row as hard as you can for one minute and note your average 500 meter split time
  • Add 20 seconds to that time, this is your pace
  • Hold that pace for 10 minutes if you can
  • Rest three minutes and repeat

Intermediate; Stroke-count pyramid

  • Indoor-RowingRow 10 strokes easy
  • Row 10 strokes hard
  • Repeat this pattern, going up by 10 each time
  • Go up to 50 easy, 50 hard
  • Then reverse the pattern back down to 10

Intermediate; Another pyramid

  • morin-crash-bWarm up with 20 minutes easy rowing
  • Row for one minute, rest for one minute
  • Row for two minutes, rest for two minutes
  • Work up to four minutes
  • Work your way back down to one minute
  • This should be done at 75 percent maximum effort

N.B Sounds easy but still you will work up a sweat and burn up around 450 calories 

Advanced; Intense Intervals

rcot-model-dSee if you can do four 500 metre intervals without rest

  • Row the first 500 metres at 50 percent of your maximum effort
  • Second, go for 75 percent maximum effort
  • Third, go for 95 percent
  • Finally, ensuring good form go for the burn!
  • You will be somewhere near finished! You might want to jump in the shower now!

So long as you are prepared and know the four phases of the action of rowing, then you can start your work out.  With so many exercises to do solo you can soon be as fit as a fiddle or as fit as you wish to be.  Rowing at home means you can choose your own music to dance to and for schedules you can always get in touch with your fitness resource Row Flow that’s there to assist you.  Probably something nice and loud and yet rhythmic is good, after all rowing is rhythm.