No Visual Content? Instagram Can Still Work for You

Compared to other social networks that have been around for ages, Instagram is relatively new. However, it has quickly established itself as a content marketing frontier for a growing number of corporations as well as small businesses.

Instagram is a visual platform, which means that you communicate via images and other media. It therefore goes without saying that those companies that can come up with amazing content get to carry the day. The question is, what is you don’t have a lot of visual content, how can you make use of Instagram for marketing purposes?

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

You don’t have to post images to get to the level of large corporations. Getting active on this platform gives you a chance to be creative, since all your competitors are using the more conventional marketing strategies.

If the products you offer aren’t so glamorous or visually appealing, you can go for other ways to promote your brand other than the use of visuals. This can mean posting great content, memes, puns and jokes related to the industry. You can also hold contests to bring people to your page.

You can as well come up with a story about recent customer successes.

Aim for Engagement

When some marketers think of Instagram marketing, all they can think about is posting images about products and creating stories. Little do they know that in order to succeed on this platform they need more than just the visuals.

The most important thing about marketing on social media is the engagement. As others post image after image hoping to get some likes and followers, you need to focus on a small pool of users who fit your profile. Once you understand your audience, you can craft content depending on their needs. The content should reflect what the group wants to hear and see.

The content you craft might not attract a million likes, but it will make sure the intended recipient gets the message.

Take It Easy

Yes, you really want to be creative and all that, but this doesn’t mean you complicate your strategies. You can start small and grow gradually knowing that you have a solid plan. The first few weeks should be all about trying out the strategy so that you know whether it works out or not.

It also involves bringing together all the tools you need to nail the marketing process. For instance, this is the time to talk to the marketing team to get serious with their videos and content.

This is also the time you need to decide on automation. If you plan to automate your marketing, this is the time to get the right kind of tool to automate the process.

Instead of running around testing each and every bot, you can check out the latest information that Fred Harrington has about these tools.

In Closing

Even without the awesome media content, you can still leave a mark with your content and level of engagement. Take time to have the perfect plan in order to enjoy the benefits of Instagram.