What Are The Principles of Conversion Centered Web Design?

Achieving the highest conversion rate is not about having your call to action at the top or including changing button colors. Having an appealing website is a brilliant thing. However, this does not guarantee that you’ll get visitors in the long run. You may have a few people browsing your site, but they may not be signing up or buying from you.

A conversion centered design is a technique used to guide web visitors towards completing a specific action. This is done through the use of psychological triggers and a persuasive design in order to increase conversions. Having a great design is a plus, but it could be ruining your conversion rate.

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Some of the principles applied include

Directional cues

When visitors arrive on your landing page, they should be pointed towards the goal you’d like them to reach. Direction cues involve the use of triangulation and arrows to create focal points. Line of sight is also used in photography to direct your visitor’s attention to your call of action.


This awesome technique involves creating a tunnel vision effect to your visitor’s eye, preventing their eyes from wandering elsewhere. Your conversion goal is carefully wrapped in something that makes it worthy for your visitor to pay attention to.


Having things separated by a whitespace makes it easier for people to go through your content without feeling crammed up. This enhances an end user’s experience and gives you an edge when communicating with your potential customers. If you would like to include a call to action, allow your page elements to have some space. Make sure that the CTA stands out from the rest of the design.


Your site’s contrast plays a big role in getting you r visitors to convert. Having a monochrome effect makes things more appealing. In conversion centered design, it’s not the colors you use that matter, but is the contrast from the background that matters. Using the same colors on your call to action and on content means that no one will see what you’d want them to.

Urgency and scarcity

Creating scarcity or urgency is a written exercise and it’s up to you to present this to the users using a good web design. Visitors need to know that they have a deadline and need to click to get to the call to action. Phrases such as “ Don’t miss out”, “Buy now “and “only 2 left” are meant to coerce visitors into making a purchasing decision immediately.

Try before you buy

This technique always works wonders. This shows that you have confidence in the quality of products that you are selling to your customers, and who doesn’t love free things? By putting your product to scrutiny before one buys, you appear credible and authoritative. Trust is essential if you’re looking to boost conversions.

Having a conversion centered design is a must in today’s online business. Have a web designer advice you on your available options and what can be done to increase your conversion rate. This is a worthy investment that will get you returns in future.