Sunbeam All Season Premium Heated Mattress Pad Review



Having the right heated mattress pad keeps the cold away on a chilly winter night. You can even use the heated pad for those times when you have a cold and you need to keep warm. The right size, the perfect features and access to different settings make the pad a necessary accessory for everybody. Let us look at one of the top pads on the market – the Sunbeam All Season Premium Heated mattress pad that comes complete with dual digital controllers.

The Features

This pad is made of 100% cotton, making it comfortable to use and easy to clean. Many people are also tolerant of cotton, making it ideal for a large number of the population. The decorative design allows you to blend it with any décor you have. You also get to choose from different designs and sizes. You also enjoy 10 different personalized heat settings. The unit comes with a convenient auto shut-off feature that you can turn on or off. The pad fits mattresses that are 21” deep and is machine washable and dryer safe. You can control your side of the bed using one of the available two controllers. Check out for more features.


  1. The pad comes in different decorative designs and sizes, allowing you to pick a pad that suits you just right.
  2. The 10 heating settings allow you to choose what suits you depending on your needs. You can use the dual controller to make sure you are comfortable with the heat. Your sleeping partner can make use of the other controller to determine the heat on their side of the bed. You can even decide to turn off your side without affecting your partner.
  3. The pad fits a mattress that is 21 inches deep, which means you can use it on your king-sized bed which has a very deep mattress.
  4. The heating module heats up the pad really quickly and will also cool down very fast when you need to change the heating settings.
  5. The cotton material is wonderful, soft, warm and fluffy, making it comfortable to use and gentle to the skin. The quality of the fabric is high, and you can use your washing machine to clean it and use your regular dryer to dry it quickly.
  6. The preheat function makes this ideal for those couples that wish to get into a warm bed without the need to wait. The fast heating speed makes it ideal for cold weather.


  1. The issue of the placement of the controller rears its ugly head in this pad. The controller is located at the foot of the bed and feels like a bump when you sleep. This can be uncomfortable for some people. This is especially true for tall individuals who can’t avoid the bump. The design would be better with the bump on a side that the feet don’t reach.
  2. The controls on older models aren’t lit, making it difficult to read them because you cannot see the settings numbers easily in poor visibility or in the dark.


The right heated mattress pad makes life easier for you. You can easily fit it to the bed and heat it up quickly. This pad from sunbeam is ideal for all seasons, giving you a host of heat settings that you can control to the minute. The pad fits deep mattresses making it ideal for king-sized beds with large mattresses. The soft fabric makes this pad comfortable, making sure you enjoy a good night’s sleep. However, the placement of the controller at the foot of the bed is uncomfortable for most users. All in all, if you are looking for an all-season heated mattress pad, then this is it.