Should I Buy a Brother or Singer Sewing Machine?

Getting the best sewing machine from the tons of brands and even more models is a real hectic work to do. You just can’t buy one and then feel sorry for your purchase. According to customers worldwide, two of the best sewing machine brands are Singer and Brother.

This actually helps you to narrow down your search. In this article, we have discussed about one of the most popular models from each brand to help you decide which one to buy.

Singer 7258 and Brother CS6000i:

Which among these two is going to accompany you in your stitching jobs? Which among them is the best and which comes just a notch second? As many of us have grew seeing a Singer machine in our mother’s hands, we are likely to feel an emotional connection to that brand, but Brother has come up a long way to give Singer a great competition. Read this article as this will help you in choosing the one between them.

Singer 7258:

Singer 7258The singer 7258 is a computerized stylist sewing machine which can serve you in all purpose. Be it sewing a decorative gown or cloth, a great looking summer dress, table clothes or sofa covers or to heirloom crafts, this machine can work simply as a dream. There are 100 stitch options from which you can choose the one or more than one options to run your imaginations wild. The basic operation of this is mechanical but it is almost automatic in all other aspects, giving you the great assistance that will keep you from getting tired during a long and complicated job.


The basic features of this Singer 7258 include:

  • An automatic needle threader which drives and operates the thread into the needle all by itself, saving you the great amount of time and agony.
  • The programmable needle position gives you the chance of changing positions even while doing your job.
  • The 100 stitch options themselves are a property of awe and gives you the option to do so much more, more than even you would have imagined.
  • There is one option of auto tie off which is great for basic straight stitch and to teach your peers or your friends the basic job of stitching.
  • The 25 year warranty just explains how durable the whole product is.

Brother CS6000i:

Brother CS6000iThe Brother CS6000i machine makes the contest for Singer 7258 very challenging. Both these companies took some time to launch their automatic and ultramodern machines, but when they did, they came up with these superior products. The Brother CS6000i is definitely a flagship model of this company. The machine is just the perfect thing for a beginner. The automatic features will give you such ease that you will feel you are not doing anything at all. The features are unique and you are going to love it with each passing day you spend with it.


  • The machine is very lightweight and can be carried very easily by anyone.
  • There are 60 stitch functions which are accessible at a single touch of buttons.
  • The 7 one step buttonhole choices add more to the options.
  • You can adjust the speed of the sewing procedure manually.
  • It comes with an oversized table to help you on larger projects and jobs.
  • There are as many as 9 pressure feet including a very special blind stitch foot.
  • The machine comes with a very sturdy hard carry case.

The Final Verdict:

Both the Brother CS6000i and Singer 7258 are great sewing machines. If you are looking for a brand that has a reputation of more than 150 years, you should probably go for Singer 7258. The prices of the products are a bit different. The Brother CS6000i is a cheaper model than the Singer 7258 but it has less features.

Another thing is about the control of those machines. The Brother CS6000i is almost a complete automatic model whereas the Singer 7258 has some of the basic features entirely controlled manually. If you are in for a machine that runs automatically, then Brothers CS6000i is the ideal machine for you.

But if you are looking for a more trustworthy brand, manual features along with automatic ones, a great machine in a particular price band that can easily compete with the high end machines, then the Singer 7258 is the one machine that is hard to beat.