Surprising Causes of Back Pain

Many people experience back pain at a certain point in their lives. The ironic thing is that symptoms o back pain doesn’t arise due to a serious condition such as arthritis or a fracture – the cause can be something so easy that you easily overlook. While you need to see the doctor when back pain ensues, you also need to look into the causes. Let us see the different causes that you often overlook.

Your Diet

When someone is told about poor diet and back pain, the question that comes to mind is “how does diet cause back pain?” Well, the truth is that poor diet contributes to being overweight, and this increase in weight is the number one risk factor for low back pain.

So, the issue at hand is a diet that is overloaded with fats and calories leads to a rapid gain in weight, which can cause low back pain.

“Living” on the Couch

Being sedentary leads to weight gain, which in turn causes back pain. The pain is due to the inability of the back muscles to support your sudden increase in weight. When you exercise, you make your muscles stronger, which in turn give the muscles the ability to support the extra weight without putting a strain on the back.  Incorporate yoga and stretching to make the exercise complete.


The other name for poor posture is slumping. When you sit with your shoulders hunched forward, you move the centre of gravity forward, which in turn places more strain on your back muscles to support the extra weight.

Slumping is common when using computers or using your phone. Slumping also contributes to spasms and puts pressure on the nerves as well.

Your Beloved Office Chair

Do you know that the office chair that you love so much could be the cause of the nagging back pain? The office chair can be the one you use at the supermarket till, the driver’s seat or the chair in your office. Sitting for extended periods of time in the chair can lead to low back pain. To remedy this, you need to get up from the chair every 45 minutes to take a short break.

The break is supposed to relieve the tension in the back, making the muscles active.

Well-worn Shoes

Statistics have shown that stilettos are the true victims when it comes to back pain issues. However, even a well-worn pair of shoes can lead to back pain, therefore be sure to throw out the old shoes, or give them away and get a new pair. Old pairs have no arch support, which affects your gait and lead to back and neck issues.

Finding solutions to these issues can help alleviate low back pain. Free Your Spine gives you solutions to these issues, helping you live a life without pain.

In Closing

These are surprising causes of low back pain. Before you head to the doctor, it is wise for you to understand what is causing you the nagging back pain.