The Features That Make the Alera Elusion Series Mesh High Back Multi-Function Chair the Best for Your Needs

Many office workers prefer ergonomic chairs for one reason or another, but the main benefit that attracts the worker to this chair is its ability to protect the back. With back pain being one of the main complaints by workers, the ergonomic chair has gained popularity. One such chair is the Alera Elusion series mesh high back multifunction chair. This chair offers various benefits ideal for the office worker. Today we look in depth at the Alera and what it offers you.

The Seat Glide Mechanism

The seat glide mechanism adjusts the seat cushion, moving it forward or backwards and locking into position at the desired point.


This mechanism allows both tall and short users to find a depth that matches the length of the upper leg. When suitably configured, the depth helps you sustain proper support for the back and distributes the body weight evenly. When your weight is properly distributed, the body pressure reduces at the pelvis and knee joint.

Height and Width Adjustable Arms

The arms adjust vertically to increase the comfort of different lengths from the elbow to the shoulder. The arms can also be adjusted horizontally to suit users who love to sit with their arms spread wide.


Variable height provides better upper body support. You can adjust the height regularly to provide diversity and ease strain. The change in height also accommodates diverse sitting postures and body shapes. Adjustable width allows you to place your arms close together for typing, or you can expand the width to enter the seat more easily.

Pneumatic seat Height Adjustment

This mechanism regulates the height of the Alera relative to the floor.


If you adjust the chair correctly to match your height, you provide the most excellent support for your spine, lower back, buttocks and thighs. Proper posture stimulates normal blood flow to the feet and eliminates the pressure points located behind the knees.

Back Height Adjustment

This property adjusts the height of the Alera’s lumbar support in relation to the seat cushion.


When you modify the lumbar support to suit your height, you eliminate extra stress exerted on your lower back. Properly positioning the lumbar support delivers external pressure to your back, forcing the back to retain its natural curves thus eliminates the stress to your lower back.

360 Degrees Swivel

This executes whereby the seat and back support rotate in a full circle with the pivot being the stem of the chair.


You can move around and access various work stations without leaving the chair. You have to use your body to move from one point to the next, which is advantageous because the more you move the better the body circulation and also realignment of pressure points.

Seat Tilt

Seat tilts come in various types depending on the point of rotation:

•    Center tilt: this mechanism rotates your seat from the center point to a recline

•    Mid-range knee tilt: the source of the rotation is near the front, ending in a comfortable recline

•    Tilt tension: this controls the ease and speed of recline.

•    Posture tilt: the back support tilts back or forward independent of the seat.

You can execute these tilts by use of a lever strategically placed on the seat. The Alera also comes with a tilt lock to allow you to fix the tilt at a single place.


The center and mid-range knee tilts allow you to rock back and forth in a reclining motion when in a meeting, training or when taking phone calls. The tilt allows you to move back and forth severally hence increases the body movements. This movement improves blood circulation. The posture lock gives you a wide variety of adjustments that align your spine the right way when you are seated. The reclining position shifts most of your weight to the chair support and off the lower back.


Staying comfortable as you work is an important part of being productive and spending more time on the seat without affecting your back. One way to stay comfortable as you work is by having the right chair purposely built to support your back. Alera provides one such chair with a high-back setting. If this isn’t what you are looking for, you can visit Office Chairs Only and read more on available ergonomic chairs so that you can select the best one for your needs.