Tips on How to Secure your Garage

Having a productive and secure garage requires a lot of planning beforehand. It doesn’t matter whether you are moving into a new home or if you want to upgrade your current residence. Considering that the garage represents one of the most vulnerable access areas to your home, securing it should be a priority when designing your home security system. The garage houses some of the most appealing tools to burglars including lawnmowers, power tools, and cars. Sadly, some homeowners forget that the garage is equally as important as the rest of the house and fail to put in place adequate security measures. No wonder most home break in’s target the garage as a point of entry because they provide an easier route to the rest of the house.

As a matter of fact, most homes feature a door that leads to the house directly from the garage, and in most cases, such doors aren’t as secured as they should be. To better protect your home, there are measures that you should take into account to ensure that every part including the garage is properly secured.  This article highlights some tips to help you secure your garage, thus enhancing the overall security of your home.

Secure the garage adequately

The door that provides direct access to the house from the garage should also be secured just like the other doors around your home. One way of ensuring this is by enhancing the security of the garage door. Readily accessible by burglars using simple tools such as a cloth hanger, most intruders have specialized in breaking into houses through the garage door. Some ways of securing a garage door include ensuring the door is made of sturdy materials, putting more than one lock, using a deadbolt, or installing door openers. With door openers, there is a wide array of choices in the market. As such, it can be overwhelming to choose one that matches your needs, especially if you are setting up your very first garage. Even so, there are numerous sites such as that provide ample information on the important considerations you should take into account before installing a garage door opener.

Invest in a security system

Installing a security system in your garage is a giant step in ensuring it remains accessible only to you or to the people allowed to access it. A good garage security system should be part of the overall home security system. As such, an alarm will set off if anyone tries to break in alerting emergency response officers. With the advent of smart homes in the modern day, you can be notified when someone tries to breach your home security even when you are miles away. Additionally, you can have a live footage of whatever is happening in your home enabling you to contact security officers in real time whenever someone tries to access your garage or any other door in your home.


Timers are a welcome and convenient means of securing your garage should you forget to lock it. It is common for people to leave their homes in a rush, say for instance when there is an emergency, and in so doing forget to push the button or pull down the garage door. Intruders might take advantage of the open invitation and get away with valuable tools or even your car. A timer comes in handy in such a situation by signaling the garage door opener to close automatically when left open for a specified duration of time. As the homeowner, you can preset the amount of time that should elapse before the garage door automatically closes. Timers are easy to install but their importance and convenience cannot be undermined.

Keep the garage windows closed

Leaving your garage windows open allows potential burglars or intruders to have a peep and see what’s inside. Therefore, cover the windows with curtains or blinds. You can also apply an opaque film or a translucent to the glass as it prevents people from seeing inside but lets in the light.

Ensure your garage door remote is secured

People have the tendency to leave some of their belongings in the car overnight or in the parking lot. Whereas there is no problem in leaving some items that one may need the following day and that can be quickly forgotten, you should never leave your garage door remote in the car. If an intruder comes across the unattended remote, they can easily access the garage and steal whatever they deem valuable in there. Make sure you have the remote with you always wherever you go.


As highlighted in this article, it is possible to prevent many burglaries by taking into account the tips mentioned to make the garage more secure. Considering that it provides easier access to the house and also houses some of the pricey valuables in your home, it naturally becomes the target point of a break in by most burglars. Securing and reinforcing your doors may not entirely keep out determined intruders, but it sure as hell gives them a hard time before they can find their way inside while also giving emergency dispatchers enough time to respond to a trimmed alarm to scare away or capture the intruders.