Top Trends in Wedding Photography

As your wedding day approaches fast, you must be wondering what to expect from your wedding photographer. One of your worries would be what new ideas will the professional photographer bring to the wedding to make it unique.

During the first years, wedding photography was all about taking anything that was in front of the photographer. With time, photographers realized that they were not capturing the creative part of weddings, which made each photo shoot similar to the next. Something had to be done.

This is why the past few years in wedding photography has seen a wide variety of changes to make sure that this field is creative and leaves long-lasting memories. Check out to see an example of creative photography and what to expect.

Here are some of the trends that will make your wedding stand out

Natural Backdrops Are the In-thing

If you are taking your vows in a garden, you stand to enjoy the resulting photos because of the natural backdrops. Floral settings and forest backdrops symbolize revitalization and a new beginning for the two of you.

Out Goes the New, In Comes the Vintage

Venues, themes, dresses and the like – Oh my! Weddings are getting more and more vintage as the days go by. In fact, in your wedding planning, you might have considered a vintage wedding theme that is if you haven’t settled on it already. Right from the photo shoots, wedding dress design, or even the entire venue dedicated to a vintage wedding theme. If you are a fan of this theme, why not ask the photographer to try this timeless yet elegant technique?

In Comes social Media

The smartphone industry has taken a leap and as we speak, smartphone cameras are armed with high resolutions. You might want to go live on Facebook or give your Instagram followers a step-by-step account of the wedding day in photos. You can use your hashtag for the wedding day and come up with new ways to integrate social media into the event. Just don’t overdo it.

Capturing the Bigger Picture

The photographer will be drawn to the surrounding landscape of the wedding setting. The beauty of this style is that not only will it capture the great moments of the wedding, but it will also capture the details and the bigger picture too. The photographer uses flawless lighting and an artistic talent to come up with exquisite images in a very natural way. This is suitable for destination weddings.

The Perfect Proposal Shot

This trend it becoming more and more popular. The groom can arrange for the photographer to hide somewhere right before he proposes to you. Don’t be surprised to find this amazing and perfectly captured photo in your wedding album weeks later. This moment is important for one reason – it is genuine, romantic and very emotional. It forms the start of the journey to the wedding day. Due to this, the trend will most likely stay around for some time.

An After-wedding Photo Shoot

You have the wedding shots, reception shots and other shots on the wedding day, but what happens after the wedding? Day-after wedding shots are vital to capturing the relaxed mood typical of a couple who are deep in love. The photo shoot will be in an area different from the wedding venue, most possibly your home. The aim is to show how content and happy you are after the wedding.

The Bottomline

All these and many more trends are possible if you decide to work with a professional photographer who understands what is hot and what is not. Make sure to discuss with him and share ideas before the D-day so that you know what to expect from the photo shoot.