What You Are Not Responsible For As A Parent

There is a common trend where most couples want to be perfect parents in this imperfect world. Different people will always have different ideas on how to raise your kids responsibly which makes it confusing to parents. The older generation might not understand that there is a generational gap while your age mates might not have the experience to give you the right advice. The only way to wade through is when you sieve through all the messages and collect what matters to you. Ask yourself this question, ‘what is expected of me?’ The following are some of the things that you aren’t responsible for a parent

Being a super parent

You may be dreaming of being the super parent in the eyes of your children, but the bad news is that this will not happen. You are human, and you have your strengths and weaknesses which will always show in one way or the other. Accept the things that you can do as a parent and refrain from those that you cannot. Let the young ones know that it is okay to have some bad days and learn how to recover from them. Take responsibility for your actions and learn to apologize when you wrong your kids.

Pleasing society

Some people treat parenting as a popularity contest within their communities or societies. You do not have to lead your parenting roles to please others but to ensure that your kids get the best that they can. It is okay to listen to some people such as the teachers who spend quality time with your children but know what is right for your kids. Take your kids to schools that you can afford but do not be among those who strain to please family and friends. Parenting may be a communal role in your society, but you are the driver as a parent.

Being on the receiving end

You may want to please your kids all the time, but this is not always the case. Make them learn how to take responsibility from a young age,and everything else will fall into place. For instance, making a bed when kids are still young might be a challenge,but they may perfect it with time. Analyze some of the tasks that they can do on their own and make them understand their abilities. Do not take the blame for some of the wrong actions they take but let them learn from their mistakes.

Control all their actions

Unless you are homeschooling your kids, there is no way that you can monitor all their actions. It is not even advisable to control everything they do because they will appear as puppets. You shouldnot focus on controlling your kids but on influencing their decisions through guidance. Let them learn why they need to take some actions. For instance, you can illustrate to them how failure to do their homework will translate into poor grades which will affect their future as well. Such an approach ensures that they do their duties out of free will and not because they have to.


It is true that the actions you take as a parent has a direct impact on the future of your kids. However, many are the times that you compromise several aspects of your wellbeing to please your children. Make them understand there will be some low moments in life and you cannot guarantee them happiness all the time. Do not let guilt eat you up because you made a bad decision in the past. Learn from your parenting mistakes and let them shape your future decisions. Let your kids understand that happiness is a choice and sometimes comes at a price. Make them know they can turn any situation around but always come out with some lessons on the same.

Knowing what is not expected of you ensures that you understand your capabilities as a parent. Your main responsibility is to be there through all their childhood stages. You do not have to worry because we have included a great variety of information on these stages.This ensures that you lead a life that is free of worries and raises your kids to be the best that they can.